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Want a sexy shiny new iPhone facelift? Since so many people have enjoyed using SummerBoard on their iPhone to theme and style the Springboard, now our good friend Jay Freeman has created WinterBoard. The idea is the same as SummerBoard but as always done better and with more features. The basic functionality is to allow you to theme Springboard by changing the icons of applications at will, using a custom wallpaper, and even modify the status bar and dock, all for the new 2.0 iPhone software.

While SummerBoard has always been closed and is now owned by RipDev and might not be free in the future with Installer 2.0, WinterBoard is both open source and free.

WinterBoard allows mixing themes together and loading multiple themes at once. So people can write themes focusing on just one area of the theme if desired. WinterBoard supports legacy SummerBoard themes. Another cool feature is video wallpapers, letting you set any .mp4 file as your background, as well as other things like web clips and sounds. And also wallpapers in WinterBoard can be played as a slide show screensaver as they change in the background. Pretty much any file listed in this list can be themed on the iPhone with WinterBoard.

WinterBoard even allows you to create themes using web development languages like HTML and CSS which will bring in a whole new dimension to creating themes. Text fields can also be themed which means things like the Calendar icon date, or icon labels are customizable.

There are alreay hundreds of themes available in Cydia for WinterBoard. You can see them categorized by Apps, Battery, Complete themes, Keyboard, Sounds, SpringBoard, System, Video and more. Most of them come with screenshots so you can see a glimpse before installing. After installing a new theme, open up WinterBoard and you will see it listed.

From there tap the line for your theme and a checkbox will appear next to the item. Remember that Themes are layered on top of one another. So the higher a theme is the more precedence it has. You can drag your themes by pressing on the 3 lines on the right and dragging the item up or down. Generally you want full themes to be on top and minor themes on the bottom to get the correct behavior. Then close WinterBoard and wait for SpringBoard to restart.

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. You can use Cydia to install this app. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

More details about WinterBoard here

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  1. 40
    ayako says:

    i have done the same thing.. i think i’ve installed it about 20x already and i just bought my iphone 3gs yesterday. i think im gonna have a hard time in the future because of this lol. but then.. i stopped after reading this out of nowhere..

    so i think it’s not working at all in 3gs.. so we just have to wait!
    or if it does now!! could somebody help us!?? :)

  2. 39
    alexander says:

    mhh i jailbreaked my iphone 3gs yesterday. installed cydia and winterboard, and then my iphone crashed, and could just be started in the safety mode for springboard.

    since i removed winterboard again, it works. but i wanna use it, is there something else?

  3. 38
    Jordan says:

    you have to jail break ur ipod touch/iphone using quickpwn and then when u run quickpwn it will ask u if u want to add cydia

  4. 37
    link says:

    When I download winterboard it comes up with all these different pop-up errors the main one being;

    NetDB: Open nodename nor servname provided, or not known

    But in the end it always says download complete restart springboard. It restarts, and it’s not there. When I go to download it again it says install still and not modify. Can anyone help me.

  5. 36
    AM says:

    wow does nobody have a good source for cydia its not hard to jail break an ipod or an iphone

    Somebody find a source that gives you a bundle of themes


  6. 35
    Jason says:

    Basically, you have to jailbreak your Ipod using QuickPwn or PwnageTool (my preference is QuickPwn * Note: Look up around youtube on how to jailbreak your gen. and firmware ). After jailbreaking, you then acquire 2 Apps : Installer & Cydia. Go into Cydia and it will update itself automatically. Once updated, you can then search for winterboard.
    Cheers Mate!

  7. 34
    Lukey123 says:

    Hi i just jail broke my Ipod 2nd Gen Using This Tutorial Which I Thought Was Good :

    But Then When I Download Winter Board It Turns Off My Ipod And Then I Cant Turn It Back On I Have To Re-Jailbreak It

    I Have Dont It About 8 Times Now And Every Time The Same thing Happens Please Help Me

  8. 33
    Tafadxua says:

    Hie, want to know why iPhone won’t send files via blue tooth and why u cant customize yr ringtones wth yr iPod musik! It’s so pathetic bcoz any 20Century generation smartfone dose this and more not to mention a flash on th camera and th 2nd camera 4 video calling! Come on now apple, u guys can do way better than this…!!

  9. 32
    Juancho says:

    Hello, need some advice….
    while updating Cydia, i got some updates… 2 actually, some app and a “mobile substrate” and I update them at the same time… and then all the iPhone was “substrated”… and have to take it to a technician friend of mine to fix it…. and he told me “don’t update anything from cydia, but if you do, BE CAREFULL”….
    Now, the thing is my iPhone is back!, and im tempted to install Winterboard, because I want to have a “different look” on it!. When I press “install”, takes me to the “confirm” page… in “Modifications” appears “Mobile Substrate Winterboard”. As you can see the nightmare is there….!
    Can I install the Winterboard app? or my phone will crash again, and go again to an “I.C.U.”????….



  10. 31
    piac says:

    what is community sources??? please tell me…

    if u have an answer just email me at

  11. 30
    CSS Envy | asker says:

    Hi, I added your site in my rss reader. Thanks :)

  12. 29
    al says:

    got winterboard working .my question is how can you delete something you installed if you decide that you don’t like it after all.

  13. 28
    gaurav says:

    but how do u download cydia can u tell me plz

  14. 27
    Amidaus says:

    Um yea… i jail broke my 1G Ipod Touch with Quick Pwn… i got cydia and installer app… in cydia i have community package….

    when i go to installl winterboard i bget the msg….


    the package winterboard cannot be found in current sources i might recommend installing more sources…. what do i do? PLZ HELP

  15. 26
    seksang says:

    yes i want

  16. 25
    pillow says:

    i cant seem to find community sources on cydia.. someone help plz..!

  17. 24
    Reba says:

    does jailbreaking the 2nd gen ipod touch, that is in the newest version, work?

  18. 23
    ish says:

    hey guys I got a 2.1.0 iPod touch I just got it so I don’t know much can you please tell me how to get winterboard, cydia please. Thanks

  19. 22
    Jack says:

    Hey dude I’m havin the same problem as you…
    Did you ever find a solution?

  20. 21
    harry says:

    trouble is: i jailbroke the 2.2 and now my Cydia doesn’t wor. it starts but right after i choose which kind of user i am, it crashes.

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