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If you are running the latest version of firmware (2.0.2) on iPhone or iPhone 3G and have a Mac and want to Jailbreak your device to get Cydia and version 4 on there, you are in luck. The iPhone dev team has a tool called QuickPwn for Mac OS X that is similar to its sister app PwnageTool 2.0.3, but is designed for quickly pwning a device, whereas PwnageTool is designed to custom build and tailor the ipsw production process.

This version of QuickPwn requires iPhone software version 2.0.2 so if you haven’t upgraded to that you can get it using iTunes and then use the QuickPwn tool. If you don’t have 2.0.2 firmware on your iPhone or iPod touch, this won’t work!

Update: If you have updated to iPhone software version 2.1, you can download the new version of QuickPwn for 2.1 for Windows. You will also need to download the Bootloader files for iPhone Classic.

Update: If you have firmware update 2.2 and want to jailbreak your iPhone, you can use the latest version of QuickPwn for 2.2 firmware update. Instructions for upgrading from a jailbroken firmware 2.1 to 2.1 are listed below.

Update: If you have iPhone software version 3.0, you should be using Redsn0w to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone or iPod touch, depending on which version you have.

Update: If you want to get iPhone software version 3.1, you will need to use Pwnage Tool 3.1 to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone or iPod touch, which is under development and may be supported by now depending on which device you have.

  1. Connect your device and update to firmware 2.2 on iTunes 8.0.2 – your hacked .ipa will remain even when its updated, but all the installed packages from cydia/installer will be removed and will have to be reinstalled.
  2. Download QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows or MAC, and run it and it will ask you to locate the 2.2 ipsw (so make sure you have this downloaded)
  3. Follow the instruction and you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch with 2.2
  4. After a reboot, open iTunes and allow it to sync. You can still use the Mobile patch 2.1

You can download the official release of QuickPwn from the following torrent files. Tip: Use “Archive Utility” that ships with OS X to unzip the .tbz file you download. Don’t unzip the .tbz file you download with “The Unarchiver” tool.

Download the iPhone or iPod touch firmware ipsw files you need here

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

More info here

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72 Reviews on “QuickPwn”

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  1. 40
    Greg says:

    Okay so i unlocked my phone when it had 2.2.1 and it was cool, i upgraded to 3.0 and it erased all my apps i had stored in “categories”, i paid it no mind because i figured that once i upgraded to the iphone 3gs and used the backup from 3.0 and unlocked it again it would be ok. Well i can’t unlock it, im stuck with the 3gs and have 85 applications that even if i sync thru itunes they will not show up anywhere on my phone because they were placed in folders, so they are still on the phone i just cant use them!!!

  2. 39
    Alex says:

    What about upcoming 3.0 iphone SW, will it work with it?

  3. 38
    Sajad says:

    Hi I downloaded the QuickPwn-225-2 and it worked on my phone, but when it finished downloading the software, my phone was rebooted and it doesn’t show anything now, only apple logo appears on the screen. Please help.

  4. 37
    hamad says:

    try this version of qiuckpwn

  5. 36
    Sajad says:

    Hey I am having iphone 3G verion 2.2.1, I downloaded new version of QuikPwn from but when i am try to connect my phone and i am trying to download the applications like Cydia, it asks for ipsw which i am not able to locate on my computer. I am using latest version of itunes software. Can you please tell me how can i download cydia application on my iphone.

  6. 35
    hamad says:

    ihave iphone 3g2.2.1 and i try letst qiuckpwn , but still give massege its not support any qiuckpwn softwaer , this a 1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw file i update to 2.3.3 can any one help

  7. 34
    Jon says:

    Hi I have Iphone 3g 2.2, and i really don’t know from where can i get CYDIA in my Iphone, because i don’t have any cydia in my phone pls help from where can i get cydia in my iphone.

  8. 33
    Henry says:

    Just downloaded cydia software successfully while trying to unlock my iphone 3G 2.2.1. Having done this my phone still does not recognize my local sim card error message is “invalid sim”. Can somebody help me out.


  9. 32
    jessica says:

    i really need this on my iphone because it rocks thanks for making this

  10. 31
    Mohamed says:

    Go to and download the latest version of the program which compatable with your firmware 2.2.1 :)

  11. 30
    Eric says:

    ^^ i had to dl it off the internet. When i select my ipsw, it says firmware error string. Can anyone help?

  12. 29
    help says:

    can someone please help me? i downloaded the pwn thing and i click on ipod which i have 2.2 for but i can not find that damn IPSW on my computer…very frustrating and i can not continue without it :( helpppp

  13. 28
    Andrew says:

    I am running Quickpwn to jailbreak my Ipod touch. I have located iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw file, but after that I am unable to go any further and the continue arrow is greyed out. Can someone help?

  14. 27
    Samson G. says:

    Are you planning to blog more on this topic. I would like to learn more.

  15. 26
    Luis Amescua says:

    restore to 2.1 while doing this you will get message ( error ) when you get this close iTunes and connect to the program you used to jail brake, and follow the instructions them close that program and connect back ti itunes and it will finish restoring. I lost my iPod. I can put music into it, but I got my vidio camera back. If anybody knows how I can get back my ipod please let me know.

  16. 25
    Jungle-Boy says:

    Yes. I too updated to the latest FW 2.2.1 and it wiped all my Cydia Apps including Cydia itself. Not sure how to get it all back. Damn Apple iTunes!!!

    Can anyone help?? I miss having Cydia, Winterboard, BiteSMS, SwirlyMMS, Intelliscreen et al!

  17. 24
    ben says:

    i have a ipod touch version 2.2 quickpwn and windows

  18. 23
    Luis Amescua says:

    I updated my iPhone to 2.2.1 and lost cydia add all that goes with that. I would like very mush to get it back. I would like to download the vidio camera again. What can I do to get it back. If I get back I don’t think will be updating from Apple any more.

  19. 22
    me again says:

    download the quickpwn on this page and that will work
    but you need the firmware ipsw file

  20. 21
    Jack says:

    I have a 3g 2.2 and windows, what do i do

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